About Us

Our Mission

First and foremost, our mission is to provide a safe, healthy program to train skaters in all facets and levels of ice skating. That goal may be to become a top hockey player, a competitive figure skater, or simply a life-long recreational skater. Our goal is to produce skaters with confidence, a strong work ethic and a sense of achievement.


Besides having outstanding professional backgrounds, the Winterland coaches are selected for their caring and nurturing personalities. Most have many years of experience and their resumes list double gold-medal test credentials, professional ice show experience, competitive backgrounds in both ISI and USFS, ISI Judges ratings, and memberships in professional organizations. Winterland coaches motivate skaters to set goals, to achieve, to work hard, to stay focused, to train for their personal best, and to have fun.


The Winterland Skating School, located at the Rockland Ice Rink, provides five Learn-To-Skate classes per week. These professionally run classes are well known and draw skaters from many towns. Our students range in age from three through adults. Classes are divided by age and level. Skaters are tested for badges at the end of each 8-week session. There is a new session every two months throughout the year.

After Basic Skills…

Figure Skating

Future figure skaters are introduced to the Winterland competition training sessions. This advanced skills program includes jumps, spins, edges, power skating, and the option of skating a routine to music. Our skaters belong to both the ISI and the USFS figure skating organizations. We offer skating clinics, advanced drills, semi-private lessons, private lessons, and all facets of skating including ISI test levels, USFS field moves, and freestyle.

Hockey Jump Start

Jump Start classes are divided into three groups to accommodate different levels of hockey players. Also, future hockey players sign up for Hockey Jump Start tolearn the game of hockey. Full equipment is required. Skaters practice all the hockey drills that they will be doing when trying out for next years teams, plus stick handling, passing, shooting. face-offs and rules of the game. Your local town hockey program, travel teams, or school teams will then be eager to add Jump Start players to their rosters. Winterland skaters are standouts on any team they join. Many hockey players come back for our advanced skills class.


The well-known Winterland Halloween Classic is held at the Rockland Rink in October every year and draws some two hundred plus skaters from New England and New York. Our Winterland competitors also have the option of competing at many competitions throughout the year including the Bay State Games, the ISI New England District Championships, the Lake Placid Team Competition, USFS competitions and many more local competitions. Winterland is well known throughout the skating community for producing top skaters and medal winners. Our USFS club also runs the spring USFS Annual South Shore Open.

Synchronized Skating Teams

Winterland has six synchro teams: They are the Snowflakes, the Icicles, the Crystals, and the 2007 National Champion team, the Winterettes. Additional synchro teams include PreJuvenial and Open Juvenile USFS teams. These teams are made up of figure skaters who wear team outfits and skate a competition routine to music. The teams will be judged on speed, unison, difficulty of moves, and overall skating. Synchro routines include lines, circles, block formations, intersections and wheel patterns on ice.

Try-outs are held every spring for high level teams and every fall for younger skaters. Skaters are chosen by skating level, team experience and age. Each year, skaters in the Learn-To-Skate program are invited to try out for our Snowflake team.

Annual Ice Show

This is our most popular annual event and is usually held in the first week of May. All Winterland skaters from Tots, Learn-To-Skate, ISI, USFS club, and hockey are welcome to skate in the annual ice show. The cost is minimal, the practices are short, the show is great. The ice show is shown on local cable TV each year.

Junior Coaches

Winterland provides an apprentice training program to our skaters to teach skating under the watchful eye of a mentoring professional. Colleges are impressed with students who teach classes and help younger skaters. Often this background on a resume can make the difference in winning a scholarship or being accepted to a college. Many of these junior instructors go on to become professional coaches.